Custom Email Domain Setup - Checkbox Enterprise Hosted Customers

By default, all emails sent from Checkbox are sent from the Checkbox domain using the email ''. You are, however, able to customize the 'from' name and the 'reply-to' email address.

Checkbox Enterprise accounts also support sending emails from your own email domain, but this requires a few additional configuration steps (described below). Sending emails from your company domain will create a more white-labeled survey taking experience, and can also help improve deliverability.

In order to send emails from your own domain:

  • You must be on a Checkbox Enterprise account. Contact if you'd like to discuss upgrading.
  • You must set up your account to send from a custom/company domain. This means we do not support configuring your account to send from email domains like or You may still use Gmail, Yahoo or similar email addresses as your 'reply-to' email address, but you cannot configure your account to send directly from those types of email domains, and must instead use something like
  • You must request verification of your email addresses or email domain from Checkbox support (as described in the steps below. 


Request verification from Checkbox Support:

In order to send emails from your own email domain, we must verify that you have access to this email address with our email service provider.

To request verification, please submit a support ticket with the email addresses or domain you would like to send emails from. You can log into the support portal by clicking your username in your Checkbox account and then Customer Support. 

Our support team will then generate DNS entries to enable DKIM verification for your domain. This is required to send emails from your domain through Checkbox. 

Setting up SPF records for your domain:

In order to send emails reliably from your domain we need your organization to give our email service provider (Amazon) permission to send out emails from your domain. This requires that you configure SPF records - this should only be done by someone with experience in this area, as incorrectly modifying DNS records can have negative side effects.

The process of setting up an SPF record is different for different domain registrars. For example, here are the instructions for GoDaddy, Namecheap, Network Solutions, and Google Domains.

To create or edit an SPF record to reference Checkbox, edit your domain's DNS settings to add a TXT record. The steps vary depending on your domain registrar. A TXT record is required for your SPF record to be validated.

Checkbox recommends the following SPF record:

"v=spf1 ~all"

Note: While we recommend using ?all because it's the least intrusive qualifier, you can use whichever qualifier you are comfortable with.

If you've already set up an SPF record for another purpose, you can simply add a reference to Amazon SES to it. The SPF specification requires that you only have one SPF record on your domain. If you have multiple records, it may cause issues, and cause rejections of your email.

For example, instead of having two separate records, such as v=spf1 ~all and v=spf1 ~all, you can combine them into one, like this:

v=spf1 ~all


Notify Checkbox Support

Once the above steps have been completed please notify Checkbox support so that we can complete the final steps on our end and inform you when you are able to send from the verified emails.

You will then be able to follow these steps to create and send your invitation - any invitations sent using the "from" emails that you have verified in the steps above will be white-labeled and will be sent from your domain and not

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