Release Notes Updated through version 7.39.5

Release note have been updated through our latest version, 7.39.5. You can find details at

Notable features and bug fixes include:

Features and Enhancements:

  • Add bulk actions to the Survey Dashboard (delete, move, archive)
  • Add option to send a Welcome Email when new admin contact is added
  • Add columns to the export for User Role(s) and Group Membership(s)
  • Add an option on the Groups page to export the Contacts in a single group
  • Add a filter to the Contacts page to filter Contacts by role
  • Multiple performance enhancements related to general application performance and contact list loading
  • Add support for multiple AD domains (on-premises only)


Bug Fixes:

  • Security fix related to Print Responses page
  • Default value does not work for star rating and slider questions
  • Button to add respondent to access list doesn’t work in IE
  • IE 11 rating scale display issue
  • Case sensitivity issues with usernames on Access Lists after upgrade from V6 to V7
  • Apply user lockout restrictions to AD users
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