Checkbox 7 - On-Premises SQL Database Migration

SQL Migration Instructions for Checkbox 7

*Note Migrations only work when both servers are running the same version of Checkbox. Migrations are not supported when one version is ahead or behind the other in versions. 

Complete the following steps to migrate your Checkbox database to a new server.

  1. Stop the Checkbox Service
    * Note that the location of the Checkbox Service is determined by your organization during the installation process of the application.
  2. Stop the Checkbox Application in IIS
    * Your installation should not be available during the migration process as it would lead to data loss.
  3. Back up your Checkbox database.
  4. Restore the backed-up Checkbox database backup to the new server.
  5. Stop/deactivate the database from the old server.
     * This step prevents the database from accidentally being accessed by one of the applications in case a step is missed.
  6. Locate the Checkbox API web.config file and modify the connection string to point to the new database server.
  7. Locate the Checkbox Service config file and modify the connection string to point to the new database server.
  8. Start the Checkbox Service.
  9. Start the Checkbox Web applications.
  10. Verify that you can log into the application.
  11. Verify that the Checkbox Service is running correctly. The simplest way to verify that the Checkbox Service is running correctly is to send out a survey invitation to yourself. If the invitation sends, then your Checkbox Service is working properly.
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