Manual Install: Checkbox Service (Clean Install)

Please note: This approach should only be followed by advanced users or when instructed by Checkbox Support to perform a manual installation.


The following are required to perform this task:

  • Remote desktop access to the server you are installing on with administrator privileges. 
  • Checkbox 7.9.x or higher installation files downloaded from your Checkbox customer portal.
  • A valid Checkbox 7.x license file.
  • Checkbox SQL databases (created via the Checkbox Installer or using our manual install guide) and connection info (Note: you'll also need to ensure that there is network access on port 1433 on your database server from the server that you are using to install the Checkbox Service; It's also okay to install them on the same server)

Installation Steps

  • Place the "Checkbox-Service" folder and all of its contents into a path of your choice.
  • Place your Checkbox license file (it must end in .lic) in the Checkbox-Service folder.
  • Open the file "Checkbox.Service.Host.exe.config" in a text editor (we recommend using SublimeText but you can also use Notepad). Edit the following:
    • The default connection string with your SQL server, Checkbox database name, SQL username, and SQL password:
    • <add name="DefaultConnection" connectionString="server=YOURSERVERADDRESS;Database=CHECKBOXDATABASENAME;uid=SQLUSERNAME;Password=SQLPASSWORD;Application Name=Checkbox Survey Server;"/>
    • The mail database connection with your SQL server, Checkbox messaging database name, SQL username, and SQL password:
    • <add name="MailDBConnection" connectionString="server=YOURSERVERADDRESS;Database=MESSAGINGDATABASENAME;uid=SQLUSERNAME;Password=SQLPASSWORD;Application Name=Checkbox Survey Server;"/>
    • Your API URLs:
    • <Checkbox.AppUrls apiUrl="http://APIURL" adminAppUrl="http://ADMINURL" takeSurveyAppUrl="http://TAKESURVEYURL" />
    • Your SMTP information:
    • <smtpSender smtpServer="" smtpServerPort="" enableSmtpSsl="false" enableAuth="false" smtpUserName="" smtpPassword="" />
    • Save the file and close your text editor.
  • Open a command prompt. CD to the "Checkbox-Service" folder
  • Run "C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\installutil.exe Checkbox.Service.Host.exe"  This will install the windows service.  (Note that you'll need the Microsoft .net 4.6 runtime to do this) 
  • Open the Administrative Tools -> Services control panel; Look for the Checkbox Service
  • Start the service if it is not running

Common Issues:

  • Service won't start. This can be due to the following issues:
    • Your license file is missing or the service cannot read it. Solution: Verify that your Checkbox .lic file is in the Checkbox-Service folder. Make sure that "System" has permissions to read the file.  If this doesn't work, modify the windows service to run using a user with greater permissions (e.g. Administrator)




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