Checkbox 7 - Downloading and Placing your License File

This article will help you download and place the license file.


Step 1 - Download license file

Log in to the Checkbox Support portal at After logging, in you will land on the page. Along the right-hand side, highlighted in gray, will be a section where you can download your Checkbox V7 license file. Click the link to download it.


Step 2 - Place the license file in the appropriate folder

In your File Explorer, move the Checkbox license file to the api\bin and also copy it into the checkbox-service folder. If you are replacing an old or trial license with a new production license, make sure you remove the old license file from each location.

Step 3 - Restart IIS

IIS may cache the licensing DLLs, so we recommend that you restart your site/IIS once you have replaced a license file.

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