Quick Start: View Responses & Reports

View/Export Responses and Run Reports

1. View or Export Responses (your raw survey data)

  • Go to the Responses tab of your survey to view and edit individual responses. Use the Complete/Incomplete/Test filter options to control which responses appear for you.
  • Click the Export icon to export your response data.
    • The Export Responses option will allow you to choose to export to .csv or .sav, and choose what information to export.
    • Quick Export is a one-click response export based on the defaults you set up in your System Settings.

Export Survey Responses  

2. View your standard Report

  • From within your survey editor, click the Report tab to view your pre-made standard report
  • Your Report will include default chart types for each question of your survey.
  • The report can be exported using the export icon, or shared via link on the Sharing tab

3. Create & Run Custom Dashboards (reports)

  • To create a more custom report or a report based on multiple surveys, you will want to use the Dashboards feature.
  • Go to the main Dashboards menu to create a new custom report.
    • Click Create Dashboard
    • Click Add a New Page then Add Dashboard Item
    • Choose your dashboard item options 1) Name (optional), 2) Chart Type, 3) Survey and Question Source, 4) Report Filter (optional), and 5) Size
    • Click Add
    • Once you are done adding your charts, click the Overview tab to view your results


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