Troubleshooting Caching Issues

There are a number of problems that can manifest from cached data stored on your computer OR on your web server.  Examples include: 

  • User permissions that haven’t taken effect
  • Changes made to a survey access list haven’t taken effect
  • Survey won’t load or isn't loading properly

To resolve these issues, you may find that you need to manually clear your computer's cache of web pages and/or you might need to reset the web server that Checkbox is running on.

Step 1: Clear Your Browser Cache

First, perform a hard refreshThis can be done using the following keyboard combinations.


Keyboard Shortcut on PC

Keyboard Shortcut on Mac

Chrome Ctrl + F5 Cmd + Shift + R
Firefox Ctrl + F5 (or Ctrl + Shift + R) Cmd + Shift + R
IE11/Edge Ctrl + F5 N/A
Safari N/A Cmd + R


Second, clear your browser's cache of files. It is a good idea to periodically clear the cache to force the browser to load the latest versions of certain resources.

This is done by navigating to your browser's settings/internet options, then to the history/cache section, and clearing it:

Clearing Your Browser Cache in Chrome

Clearing Your Browser Cache in Firefox

Clearing Your Browser Cache in Internet Explorer

Clearing Your Browser Cache in Safari


Step 2: Reset Your Web Server

To resolve caching issues on your web server, run "iisreset" on your server.

To do this, you will need RDP or similar to connect to your server. Then open command prompt and run "iisreset"

For more information about the IIS requirements for Checkbox, visit Granular IIS Requirements .

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