How to Use Checkbox Support

At some point during your use of Checkbox Survey software, you may experience an issue or have some questions about its use. This article will go over the best way to make use of Checkbox's Support system so that we can resolve your issue as quickly and efficiently as possible.

General Instructions:

The best way to get in touch with us is to use the Checkbox Support system, powered by ZenDesk.

  • If you're an on-premises customer (meaning, your Checkbox account is hosted on your organization's servers) you can access this by navigating to , clicking the 'Support' header, and logging in to your account. There will be a link for you to pose a question for support.
  • If you're a hosted customer (meaning, Checkbox hosts your account) you can access support by logging into your account and clicking on the Support link at the top righthand side.

Please Note If you don't know what kind of account you have, contact your designated Checkbox admin, or email If your account is entitled to phone support, you can call (617) 231-8890, option 2 to speak with a support engineer.

In general, it is best to follow these basic guidelines when creating a support ticket:


  • Create a new ticket for each separate issue
  • Remember to document as many details as you can
  • Search our Help Guides/Articles for an answer before getting in touch


  • Ask multiple, unrelated questions within the same ticket (unless they are directly linked)
  • Call in when your account has not been granted phone support
  • Share Support accounts
  • Use all-caps in your subject/message

What to Include In Your Request For Support

1. Environment Details

There are a few options to select from in the sidebar that will help us work the issue. For example:

  • Account type (On-Premise/Server or Hosted/Checkbox Online)
  • Checkbox Version/Patch (e.g. 2018Q2, V7.4.5, etc.)
  • Browser (e.g. Chrome, FireFox, Safari, IE, Edge, Opera, etc.)
  • Operating System (Mac/Windows/Linux)
  • Server/Hardware Details (memory, disk space, cores, server specs, etc.)
  • Miscellaneous/Specifics (anything else that you think might be helpful or pertinent) 

2.   A descriptive, clearly-worded message about the problem 

Identify both the expected behavior as well as what actually happened. Describe, in as much detail as you can, what happened and what you were trying to do when the aberrant behavior occurred. Have other users/admins experienced this issue? Is there a certain time of day that this error occurs? How long have you been experiencing this problem? Feel free to be as detailed as possible, there's no sense saving space on the screen! Single-sentence descriptions à la "My survey doesn't work" are not very helpful. :)

3. Steps to reproduce

This goes hand-in-hand with #2. Providing us with steps to make this error appear on our local machines will help us to identify/solve the issue, and it might even help you solve your own issue by looking more closely at the specific workflow that caused the problem. Provide as much detail as you would require if you didn't experience the problem firsthand.

4. Screenshots

This is especially helpful for on-premises customers (as Support has no way to access your account). Providing un-cropped screenshots of your browser screen will help us to see exactly what you're describing in your message about the problem. Be sure to capture within the screenshot both the URL bar and the open Developer Tools console.  


Following these general guidelines will ensure that Support has all the necessary information to work to resolve any problems you might encounter while using Checkbox software. It also ensures that, should you have similar issues in the future, that we can reference the solution to get you working again even faster. Thank you, and feel free to get in touch!

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