Checkbox 7 Upgrade Released for On-Premises

Checkbox is pleased to announce the release of the version 7 upgrade to its on-premises customers. On-premises customers with an active support contract may download version 7 from their support portal.

Important Notes Regarding the Upgrade:

  • Version Changes: Please make sure to review this article regarding changes from version 6 to version 7.

  • Changes to Libraries: In addition to the changes noted in the article, we have also made the decision to deprecate the Libraries function. We will be replacing Libraries with a new, improved feature called Templates, allowing you to save full surveys (including logic) as templates that can be copied by other users. We expect that Templates should be released in the next 30 days. Prior to upgrading, we recommend importing your Library Items into a survey so that you can save the survey as a Template when that feature is rolled out.

  • Features in Development: There are a number of features that are still in development that should be released in the coming weeks. If you are a heavy user of these features, you may want to delay upgrading your production environment until they are released:

    • Ability to copy a survey/survey item
    • Ability to activate/deactivate survey items
    • Ability to export a survey to PDF
    • Ability to view/print/edit an individual response
    • Self registration of respondents
    • Active Directory user interface (note that users will be able to log into Checkbox with their AD credentials, but the interface to share invitation with or add AD users to an Access List is still in development)
    • Export invitation details
    • Non-critical system settings (note that current system settings will not be overwritten by the upgrade, but the user interface to change some non-critical system settings is still in development)

  • Additional Enhancements/Updates: Over the next couple of months, we will continue to release small updates with additional enhancements, features and bug fixes. We recommend checking your support portal and/or frequently for updates.

  • Bugs and Testing: Version 7 is still fairly new so you may encounter minor bugs with this version. It is highly recommended that you upgrade your test environment and perform extensive testing on your surveys and data/reports before upgrading your production environment. If you encounter any bugs/issues, please report them promptly to support.

If you have any questions about Version 7 or the upgrade process, please enter a support ticket and we'd be happy to assist.

 - The Checkbox Survey team

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