How to give a user access to survey results


Confused on how to give one of our license users permissions. They can access the folder and the survey but do not have the option of the [Results] button next to the [Edit] button. How do I give them access to export the surveys received for their survey? I have attached a shot of the screen showing their user roles.


Support Response:


You will want to make sure your user is on the Access List for the survey and that he has Analyze Data and/or View Survey Responses checked off on the Access List (depending on whether you want him to be able to create reports and/or view individual responses). Please see attached screenshot. Let me know if you have any other questions.



-> Not sure where you are in that screen shot??


-> If you go into the survey editor, click Settings ->Permissions then the Show Advanced Settings link, you will see the Access List. This is the list of everyone who has access to the survey - you will then need to highlight their name and select the specific permissions you would like them to have.


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