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For particular surveys, we have a select group of individuals fill out the information to evaluate their direct reports. I would like for them to be able to have an emailed copy and/or access to the responses once they complete it. Is there a way to do that in the application? Do I have to create a user profile for each? Can I add them to a group? Thanks in advance for your assistance.


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You can definitely have an email with the responses triggered to send to certain people, which would be the simplest option. Just edit your survey, add an item to the Completion Page, and choose Email Response from the item list. You can then add a subject, message, choose the options to include, and add a string of email addresses (separated by commas) to the "To:" field. You don't need to add these recipients as registered Checkbox users since they won't be logging into the application to get the responses.

If you would like to register the response recipients and add them to a group so they can log in to see responses, you can do that as well. They would need to be set up as System Admins, Survey Admins, or Report Admins and then given access to your particular survey. 

The third option would be to create summary reports and give the managers access to those reports, which could be filtered to only show their responses. This would require setting the managers up as Report Viewers, creating reports for each manager, and giving them access to the report links. This requires a bit of setup but would allow them to view responses all at once and would not require any additional license fees since Report Viewers are unlimited. 


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    Is there a way to set it up so each respondent can see the responses thus far at completion? 

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