Fixing Truncated Titles of Report Charts


We having trouble with Charts truncating titles in reports. Its there way in version 5 to not make this happen? Is there a way in version 6?


Support Response:


Checkbox will always truncate questions if they are too large for the chart area that you have set up. There are a couple of ways in versions 5 and 6 that you can address this:

 - You can adjust the number of characters that display from your survey title. This option is on the Appearance -> Text tab of your chart. Note that you may need to adjust the size of your chart area or the font of your title to make the full title fit - see below.

- Add a shorter version of the question as an alias to your survey question and enable aliases in your reports

- Enlarge the area of your chart on the Appearance tab of the chart so more characters can fit

- Make the question text smaller on the Appearance tab of your chart so more characters can fit

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


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