How do I export reports?


Cannot export reports. How do I export reports with graphs, charts, etc. to recipients that do not have a Checkbox Survey Software v5.6.0 login? I can export, but the recipient has to have a login to access it. I need to be able to export it to recipients without logins; the old version provided this function. If the new one provides this function, please assist and/or let me know if this is not an option in this version.


Support Response:


While our application has never had the option to directly export entire reports, you do have several options if you'd like to share with users who are not registered in Checkbox.

Some of our customers choose to print the reports to pdf and share via email, etc.

You can also make your report public and share the link with others. They will be taken to the report in Checkbox, but will not have to log in. To make a report public, choose the report in the Report Manager, click the Permissions button, and change the Default Policy to "View Report." You can then share the report link via any manner you wish and your users will be able to see the entire report without logging in.

The final option is available in Checkbox 5.6 and 6.0, which is the option to export individual charts as PNG, JPG, SVG, or PDF files. To enable this option, edit the survey then navigate to the Appearance -> Other Options tab of the chart and click the option for "Allow Saving Chart Images." This will cause an export icon to appear on the chart that you can use to save the chart as one of the support file types.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.


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    Steve Taylor

    Hi there, I'm currently on Version 6, I went to edit the survey then navigate to the Appearance, but I cannot see other option tab

    Where can I find it, please advise.



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