Server Migration Error: No DatabaseTypeData found for provider: CheckboxSql


We are migrating our checkbox application from a Windows Server 2003 IIS 6 server to a new Windows Server 2008 R2 IIS 7 server. Please provide the migration instructions.



Support Response:


How to migrate a Checkbox installation from one server to another

The following instructions will guide you through the process of migrating a
Checkbox installation from one server to another.
1. Copy all files from your existing Checkbox installation to the new server.
The following steps refer to changes to make to Checkbox files on the new
2. Update the web.config and clear the values for the ApplicationRoot and ApplicationURL appSettings by changing the values to "".
3. If the web.config also contains a connectionStrings section, change
the connectionString value for the DefaultConnectionString to "".
4. If you have previously activated your license file then you will need to remove the license file from the /bin folder of the Checkbox directory. License files, once activated, are not transferable between machines. Any customer after 1/1/2010 should not need to update their license file has activations are no longer required.

5. Download a new license file from the customer area of our web site (Customer Login | Checkbox Survey Software and Online Survey) and place it in the /bin folder of the Checkbox directory. Ensure that the license file has a .lic extension, and not a .xml or
.lic.xml extension.
6. Make any necessary changes to IIS configuration for the Checkbox site, virtual directory, and/or application pool. Refer to the Checkbox Installation Instructions if necessary.
7. Ensure that all files can be read by Checkbox and that the web.config, license file, and all files in the config folder can be modified by Checkbox. See the section of the Checkbox Installation Instructions labeled Configure File Permissions for details.
8. Follow the instructions detailed in the Checkbox Installation Instructions. Go to the step labeled Run the Web-Based Install. After entering the database information and clicking Continue >>, you will be informed that a Checkbox database already exists. Choose to continue with out overwriting the database.
9. Continue following the instructions to the end of the web-based installer and the migration will be complete.


Follow-Up Question:

i have been able to complete the above steps, but after step 8 when i click next I am gettign the followign error message:

An error occurred while attempting to get information about the current installation: No DatabaseTypeData found for provider: CheckboxSql and database type name: sqlserver.

What do I need to do to resolve this?


Support Follow-Up:


Please open your DatabaseConfiguration.xml file located in your config folder and replace the entire contents with the following text:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<databaseSettings defaultInstance="CheckboxSql">
<databaseType name="sqlserver" type="Prezza.Framework.Data.Sql.SqlDatabase, Prezza.Framework" />
<instance name="CheckboxSql" type="sqlserver" connectionString="DefaultConnectionString" />
<instance name="DBAuthenticationProvider" type="sqlserver" connectionString="DefaultConnectionString" />
<instance name="DBProfileProvider" type="sqlserver" connectionString="DefaultConnectionString" />

After making the change please recycle the Checkbox app pool or restart IIS.


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