Can I build Checkbox 5 surveys with Internet Explorer? IE7, IE8 or IE9?

Checkbox Customer Question:

When using Checkbox to build surveys can I use IE7, IE8 or IE9?

(This only refers to 'building' or 'administrating' the Checkbox Application. When responding to a survey all versions of IE are supported)


Support Response:

Checkbox 5 is relies heavily on Javascript and the use of modern web standards to render application pages. Due to this fact you can only use Checkbox 5 with IE9. As in IE9 is the only full compatible IE browser that Checkbox Supports.

To use IE7 / IE8 you must have Google Frame installed.

What is Google Frame?

Google Chrome Frame is an open source plug-in that seamlessly brings Google Chrome's open web technologies and speedy JavaScript engine to Internet Explorer. With Google Chrome Frame, you can:

  • Start using open web technologies—such as the HTML5 canvas tag—right away, even technologies that aren't yet supported in Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, or 9.
  • Take advantage of JavaScript performance improvements to make your apps faster and more responsive.


More information available here: (


If you attempt to use Checkbox in IE7 / IE8 without Google Framed installed you may see a pop suggesting that you install:



Conclusion: Google Frame does not require machine admin access to install and is a simple plug-in that will give any IE7 / IE8 browser full access to all Checkbox 5 features. Google Frame instantly converts an unsupported version of IE7 / IE8 to a fully functioning browser.


If you have any follow up questions regarding IE support please contact the Checkbox support team.

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    Jeanmarie McFadden


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    Kristin Tillery

    In our experience the following statement from above is not true: When responding to a survey all versions of IE are supported. Our respondents have contacted us with numerous complaints about the way the surveys are displaying on their end. Boxes are shifted, radio buttons/checkboxes are floating randomly on the page, Matrix questions are aligned correctly, and other issues that make it difficult for them to complete the survey.  Hopefully something is done soon to take care of this issue.

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