Table of Contents

Is there a way to add a "table of contents" type of question where the respondents can check a box next to the pages of the survey they wish to complete and have the survey only show those pages?



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    Chris Cunningham

    I am not a CheckBox expert but this seems to me that Branching would be a perfect solution to this issue.  Create your Table of Contents using Radio Buttions (only one selection at a time).  Then build a set of Branching  rules that check the response.  If Radio Button 1 is selected goto page 7, if Radio Button 2 is selected goto page 10, etc.  Once the selected series of questions/pages has been completed either use a Condition Statement to return them to the original Table of Contents, to a second table of contents or to the end of the survey.

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    Checkbox Support

    Chris you can use the Branching feature to navigate your respondents to a later page in your survey but there is no feature to navigate your respondent back to the start of your survey.

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