Unable to Upload Logos to Header in Styles (IE)


We applied the patch to 5.6 last week and all seems to be working fine, except that I cannot upload logos into the header section of styles. I click on the Upload button and then double click on the Select File to Upload button in the window that pops up. Then I choose the file and click on Open. The pop window returns and it says Uploading File, but it just churns at this point. It never seems to time out or give me any kind of error message - that little candy cane looking thing just keeps churning.

I have tried both .png and .jpg files - both small sized files and no luck. What should I do? Are there settings I should check somewhere?



Support Response:


This is actually a known issue with Checkbox 5.6 and Internet Explorer. Good news is that you can resolve this problem by either moving to Checkbox 6, or replacing a file in the Checkbox application.

If you wish to replace the file, you can download the file attached to this support ticket and put it in the [Checkbox Root]\Controls directory. Please make sure that you overwrite the existing file ( make a backup first just in case ) and then recycle your application pool.

Please note : Patching to Checkbox 6 will resolve this issue, as well as other known issues with Checkbox 5.6.


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