Checkbox 5.3 Content Frame Feature

Checkbox 5 now contains a new feature that will allow you to configure the content width of your surveys. We are actively trying to improve this feature so if you have any additional requests please comment below.

Here is a summary of how the feature works:


Content Frame Width Setting

The “Minimum Content Frame Width” setting in the style editor is now the “Content Frame Width” setting.  When this value is set, the survey content frame will be exactly this wide.  Question text, messages, etc. should all fit inside this frame and wrap appropriately.  If wide content such as large images, matrix questions, etc. is too wide for the frame, the frame will remain the same width but will add a scrollbar.(Example Below)




No Content Frame Width (Default Behavior for New Style or Survey With No Style)

When the “Content Frame Width” value is empty, the content frame will default to be 90% of the width of the browser window, with no maximum and a minimum of 800px.  This means that the survey frame will expand with its content, but shrinking the window will still cause content to wrap.  Customers can change the default minimum width for all surveys by adding the following to CustomSurveyStyles.css:


 .surveyContentFrame {

     min-width: [NEW_VALUE]px;




Default View w/No Content Frame Width Setting on Style and wide browser window.




View w/No Content Frame width Setting on Style and Custom min-width set to 500px wide.


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