Waking up the application...

The problem we have is that when the survey hasn't been used for a while it lays dormant on the server and needs to be 'woken up'. THis means we can wait up to 30 to 40 seconds for the survey to activate which may be long enough for a respondant to lose interest and not respond. Any tips/tricks for keeping the application awake?

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    Ian Brown

    I have this same issue. It's very frustrating to work with and I'm sure that we are losing survey respondents because of this.

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    John Dumay

    Hi Ian,

    After some trail and tribulation we resolved the issue. In our case it had to do with how the survey was hosted. In our case we are on a server that has a number of databases and web applications. What happens on the server to conserve resources it 'puts to sleep' applications that are not in use. The time out for thson our server was 40 minutes of inactivity.The trick we came up with was to schedule a script that accessed the checkbox application by calling up the homepage every 30 minutes. Thus our application never goes 'to slepp' and is always available. Talk to the admin who is doing your hosting to se if this will help your situation.



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