Remove the red * appearing when an item is required

Customer Request:

When I preview my survey, the a red * appears. How do I make it disappear?

Support Response:

Please connect to your Checkbox database using SQL Query Analyzer or a similar tool and run the following script. When connecting to the database, please be sure to use the same credentials that Checkbox uses.

exec ckbx_Text_Set '/common/requiredIndicator', 'en-US', '&nbsp'

This script would change * to a none breaking space. If you wanted to change it to something else for example R for required you would replace '&nbsp' with 'R'

Please Note: The Red * is a universal character for Required. If you remove this feature from your surveys then your respondents will not know the question needs to be answered. If the respondent attempts to move forward with their survey response without entering a response they will be prompted that their response were incomplete.

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    Stephen Meisner

    You should note that this is a system-wide setting change and will impact all surveys created by all survey authors. 

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