Version 2015 Q4 Released to Server Customers

Checkbox's latest version, 2015 Q4, has been released for Checkbox Server and is available to all Server and Enterprise customers with an active support contract. The SDK and Source Code should be available later this week . Detailed release notes can be found below.

If you would like to reactivate your support contract in order to receive access to the latest version, please contact our sales department.

Important Notes About Patching or Upgrading to 2015 Q4:

  • Version 2015 Q4 is the fifth update following our version naming convention change, and follows version 2015 Q3 (major release 6).
  • Patch versus Upgrade: If you are currently on version 4.7, please follow the Upgrade Guide to move to version 2015 Q4. If you are currently on any version of 5 or 6 (including 2014 Q4, 2015 Q1, 2015 Q2, or 2015 Q3), please follow the Patch Guide.
  • Test Your Upgrade/Patch: We strongly recommend that you test your patch or upgrade in a test environment before updating your production environment. As always, please backup your database before patching or upgrading.
  • Messaging Service: Customers that are using the Checkbox messaging service in any version prior to 6.3 will need to follow the UpgradeMessagingService.pdf guide located in the Documentation folder. Failure to update the messaging service will cause issues with the application and invitations. Earlier versions of the messaging service are no longer supported by Checkbox 2015 Q4. If you updated the messaging service with any patch after 6.2, you are all set.

Below is a complete list of the new features, enhancements and bug fixes you can expect in version 2015 Q4.

If you have any questions or concerns about the release, please contact our Support Team.

Features & Enhancements:

  • Asynchronous Workflow : This feature dramatically increases performance of the application. While performance will be enhanced for smaller, more compact surveys, the biggest improvement will be felt with larger, more complex surveys. Depending on the size of the survey, the load time of the initial survey page may be decreased by up to 90%.
  •  Javascript Item : The new javascript item allows survey editors to embed Javascript into a survey. There are many possible uses of the Javascript item,  including the ability to embed Analytics Conversion codes, create pop ups, and gain complete control over the look and feel of the survey page by directly accessing the CSS of the survey via Javascript. Note that in order to use the Javascript item you will need to enable it under System Settings -> Survey Settings -> Javascript item.
  • Google Analytics : You can now add a Google UA code to your survey to track visits, goal completions, any many other stats.
Bug Fixes:
  • Items with invalid HTML should no longer "infinitely load" when editing them
  • Invalid HTML copied from Microsoft Word should not be stripped out when pasting into item editors
  • SPSS keys should no longer cause errors when invalid HTML is detected in the item text
  • Slider items should no longer display the default answer when the question has not been displayed to respondent
  • Points from slider with images and text should now be visible on the response details screen
  • Numeric slider score should now be included in the total matrix score for a matrix item
  • Fixed issues with the recipient list not displaying properly
  • Several workflow related issues
  • When a user account is locked for max failed login attempts, user status no longer shows active
  • Default policy is now properly updated when survey privacy level is changed
  • Special characters no longer break the rendering of the matrix sub header rows
  • Custom text for "None of the above" is now retained when survey is exported
  • HTML Editor fixed to use pixels instead of points
  • Item activation / deactivation has been fixed to save properly
  • Max failed login attempts has been fixed to work properly in all scenarios
  • Several issues related to the ExportResponsesTabular method have been fixed*
  • Several security related issues have been resolved.
  • Corrected an issue which prevented the alias of a matrix row from being updated
*Note: As of the 2015 Q4 release, the ExportResponseTabular method is receiving a signature update. Previous usages of the method will no longer work, and code must be altered to take into account the new signature. ExportResponseTabularScored method will be removed.
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