Checkbox Online Updated to Version 2015 Q3

The latest Checkbox version, 2015Q3, has been released to Checkbox Online (hosted) customers as of Thursday September 24th at 9am EDT.

Version 2015Q3 should be released to Server customers within a couple of days after the Checkbox Online release, barring any significant issues.

Below is a complete list of the new features, enhancements and bug fixes available in version 2015Q3. If you have any questions or concerns about the release, please contact our Support Team.

Features & Enhancements:

  • Scoring By Page
  • New Average Score by Page report
  • New preview images for report items
  • 'Enforce Password Restrictions Globally' under System Settings -> Users & Security has been deprecated. Password policies are now, by default, enforced globally.
  • PDF Export is now supported on web farms and load balanced environments.
  • Performance optimizations have been added to increase performance of Merging, Conditioning, and Branching.
  • Several performance optimizations have been made to increase performance when utilizing load balanced environments.


Bug Fixes:

  • Report item list is now scrollable, granting access to all available report items.
  • Corrected issues with incorrect error messages being displayed when adding recipients to invitations.
  • Slider item with image now properly allows for 10 images to be used.
  • Corrected issues that could occur when copying invitations with unicode characters.
  • Report links for deleted surveys should no longer display the report.
  • Added paging to the Recipients tab of Email Invitation wizard.
  • Clicking the Export to PDF button should no longer bring you to login screen for a public report.
  • Corrected several minor issues with drop down rank order items.
  • Password restrictions are properly enforced on forgot password page.
  • Several security issues have been resolved.


Important Note about Q4 Web Service Changes : Due to security concerns and core application changes such as performance optimizations and the addition of new features, several web service methods will be changed in our upcoming 2015 Q4 release.

If you are utilizing the following methods you will need to update your code when 2015 Q4 is released:

  •  ExportResponsesTabular in the response data service
  • ListEmailPanelsByPeriod method in the invitation management service

The changes are as follows :

  • The ExportResponsesTabular method will be receiving both a signature update as well as an update to data returned in the next release. This update is in response to the new "Score by Page" feature added in the Q3 release. A new temporary method has been added in the 2015 Q3 release to help you prepare for the Q4 update. This method is named : ExportResponsesTabularScored.
  •  This new method will be removed when 2015 Q4 is released, but will return the exact data, and have the same input variables that ExportResponseTabular will have after the Q4 release. We have added this method so that you can utilize it to prepare your client side code to take in the new fields that are being returned due to the scoring feature.
  • ListEmailPanelsByPeriod will receive a signature update only. The method signature will be adjusted to remove the "Permission" input variable which has not been used by the method for some time.

Please note that if you do not adjust your client side code once Q4 has been released your code will not function properly.

If you have any questions or concerns please submit a support ticket and we will do our best to provide the necessary information to prepare for these updates.

If you are not utilizing these methods, your code and your usage of the application should not be affected.

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