Important Notice: Change in Checkbox Version Numbers

As of October 1, 2014, Checkbox will no longer be attaching numerical version numbers to its patch and upgrade releases (e.g. version 6.7). Instead, we will be naming releases based on the calendar quarter in which they were released, e.g. 2014 Q4, 2015 Q1. In addition, Checkbox Online users will no longer see a version number in the footer of their application, they will simply see "Checkbox Online."

Why the Change?

Our updates have been released on a roughly every-quarter schedule for some time now and will continue to do so, so why are we changing the naming convention? Basically, we want to encourage users to stay as up to date with releases as possible in order to take advantage of bug fixes, enhancements and new features. So this new naming convention is a gentle reminder of when each release came out so you can easily tell how long it's been since you updated. Along those lines, this notice also serves as a friendly reminder that our support terms state that we will support the current version and the last sequential version. Keeping up to date with our patches and upgrades will ensure that you get the best support possible from our team. Our Server Agreement and Support Terms have been updated to reflect the new language of the version names, and we encourage you to review them here: Server Agreement: Support Terms:


As always, feel free to contact customer support or your account manager with any questions. Thanks for choosing Checkbox!

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