Checkbox 6.7 Released to Server Customers

Checkbox Version 6.7 has been released to Server customers and is available in the customer support area to all customers with valid support contracts. If you need to reactivate your support contract in order to gain access to the latest release, please contact your Account Manager or email

Below is a complete list of the new features, enhancements and bug fixes you can expect in version 6.7.

New Features

1. Direct export of surveys to PDF - Users will now be able to save surveys in PDF form with a single click, rather than printing to PDF. In addition, certain question items will be converted to more print-friendly forms when exported. For instance:

  • Drop-down questions will be converted to radio buttons
  • Drag and Drop Rank Order questions will be converted to fill-in-the-blank rank order questions

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 9.58.38 AM


2. Direct export of reports to PDF - Users will now be able to export reports to PDF with a single click, rather than printing to PDF. Export Survey Reports to PDF


3. Ability to add custom messages to login and self-registration screens - Users can now customize the text and add custom messages for their respondents on both the survey login and self registration screens. The self-registration text can be customized at the application level under System Settings -> Application Text -> Self  Registration Text. The login screen text can be customized within the survey editor under Languages & Texts -> Login text.

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 12.03.35 PM


4. Ability to customize the location of the Progress Bar - In addition to its default Top-Left location, you can now place the progress bar at top-center, botton-left, and bottom-center. This setting is survey specific and controlled in the survey editor, so you can create different looks for each survey.

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 12.06.21 PM


5. Ability to share on LinkedIn and Google+ - In addition to Twitter and Facebook, you can now easily share your survey on LinkedIn and Google+ with a single click. The new social sharing options are located in both the Launch Wizard and under Sharing -> Social Sharing.

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 11.54.30 AM


  • Improved aesthetics of password reset page
  • Removed "bouncing" ajax effect when hovering over Page +Item and Settings Cog in Survey Editor
  • Slowed down the sliding ajax menu when adding a survey item for improved ease of use
  • Selected item is now highlighted when adding an item to a survey
  • After creating a custom report, go directly to the report editor without clicking the Finish button
  • Added the ability to open a hyperlink or redirect in a new tab/window
  • Response Session State Update ( Changed to OOP from Datasets )
  • Decreased extraneous space between the header and survey content frame
  • Update Facebook Sharing to use new Facebook Share API
  • Updated permissions masks with new text strings ( QOL Fixes )
  • Updated Security policy to allow surveys to be embedded into an iframe in IE (* Note - Server customers that wish to do this are required to have there own P3P policy)
  • Updated "title" tag displays (new tooltip graphics for taking surveys)
  • Updates to the Date Picker to make it easier to change month and year

Bug Fixes

Resolved issues with:

  • Some report items have preview images too large for the window
  • Premature text wrapping in Firefox
  • "Other" option selects when selecting an option in the same row
  • Sub-header of a matrix in 4.7 could be missing properties post upgrade (no data loss)
  • Workflow issue with hidden items - causes loss of hidden items
  • Matrix item width setting has no effect on actual item width
  • Response time issues on response list / timeline when time zones don't sync properly
  • ExportResponseTabular exporting null question text when Include Alias is selected
  • Numeric Rank order auto-remove functionality ( enter a 11 and 1 rank is removed )
  • View SPSS Key issues ( Issues caused by a bug with 4.5 )
  • Survey can not be exported to PDF in "non-default" language
  • Survey preview can be hidden when editing survey name
  • Add Users to Groups + Invitations should use live search
  • Error when editing advanced condition logic (Expression had no value)Accessing survey via invitation can reset the response (Hard to reproduce)
  • Importing an item from library does not display paging options
  • Adding an item to a library should now save item information on all steps
  • Adding a report filter should no longer cause exceptions under certain circumstances
  • Matrix row text columns should no longer display extra space between the columns
  • Adding items to a survey in a language other then English should no longer cause blank warnings
  • Universal Search should no longer display invitations that a user does not have access to
  • Display issues with Response Details items for Matrix Questions
  • Issues with AD integration when the Web server is on the Domain
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