Checkbox Online 6.7 Release Thursday 7/17

Checkbox Version 6.7 will be released to Checkbox Online (hosted) customers on Thursday July 17th between 7am and 9am EDT. A brief interruption in service of 1-2 minutes per account may be experienced during this time.

Version 6.7 will be released to Server customers approximately one week after the hosted release.

Below is a complete list of the new features, enhancements and bug fixes you can expect in version 6.7.

New Features

1. Direct export of surveys to PDF - Users will now be able to save surveys in PDF form with a single click, rather than printing to PDF. In addition, certain question items will be converted to more print-friendly forms when exported. For instance:

  • Drop-down questions will be converted to radio buttons
  • Drag and Drop Rank Order questions will be converted to fill-in-the-blank rank order questions

2. Direct export of reports to PDF - Users will now be able to export reports to PDF with a single click, rather than printing to PDF.

Export Survey Reports to PDF

3. Ability to add custom messages to login and self-registration screens
- Users can now customize the text and add custom messages for their respondents on both the survey login and self registration screens. The self-registration text can be customized at the application level under System Settings -> Application Text -> Self  Registration Text. The login screen text can be customized within the survey editor under Languages & Texts -> Login text.

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 12.03.35 PM

4. Ability to customize the location of the Progress Bar
- In addition to its default Top-Left location, you can now place the progress bar at top-center, botton-left, and bottom-center. This setting is survey specific and controlled in the survey editor, so you can create different looks for each survey.

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 12.06.21 PM

5. Ability to share on LinkedIn and Google+
- In addition to Twitter and Facebook, you can now easily share your survey on LinkedIn and Google+ with a single click. The new social sharing options are located in both the Launch Wizard and under Sharing -> Social Sharing.

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 11.54.30 AM


  • Improved aesthetics of password reset page
  • Removed "bouncing" ajax effect when hovering over Page +Item and Settings Cog in Survey Editor
  • Slowed down the sliding ajax menu when adding a survey item for improved ease of use
  • Selected item is now highlighted when adding an item to a survey
  • After creating a custom report, go directly to the report editor without clicking the Finish button
  • Added the ability to open a hyperlink or redirect in a new tab/window
  • Response Session State Update ( Changed to OOP from Datasets )
  • Decreased extraneous space between the header and survey content frame
  • Update Facebook Sharing to use new Facebook Share API
  • Updated permissions masks with new text strings ( QOL Fixes )
  • Updated Security policy to allow surveys to be embedded into an iframe in IE (* Note - Server customers that wish to do this are required to have there own P3P policy)
  • Updated "title" tag displays (new tooltip graphics for taking surveys)
  • Updates to the Date Picker to make it easier to change month and year

Bug Fixes

Resolved issues with:

  • Some report items have preview images too large for the window
  • Premature text wrapping in Firefox
  • "Other" option selects when selecting an option in the same row
  • Sub-header of a matrix in 4.7 could be missing properties post upgrade (no data loss)
  • Workflow issue with hidden items - causes loss of hidden items
  • Matrix item width setting has no effect on actual item width
  • Response time issues on response list / timeline when time zones don't sync properly
  • ExportResponseTabular exporting null question text when Include Alias is selected
  • Numeric Rank order auto-remove functionality ( enter a 11 and 1 rank is removed )
  • View SPSS Key issues ( Issues caused by a bug with 4.5 )
  • Survey can not be exported to PDF in "non-default" language
  • Survey preview can be hidden when editing survey name
  • Add Users to Groups + Invitations should use live search
  • Error when editing advanced condition logic (Expression had no value)Accessing survey via invitation can reset the response (Hard to reproduce)
  • Importing an item from library does not display paging options
  • Adding an item to a library should now save item information on all steps
  • Adding a report filter should no longer cause exceptions under certain circumstances
  • Matrix row text columns should no longer display extra space between the columns
  • Adding items to a survey in a language other then English should no longer cause blank warnings
  • Universal Search should no longer display invitations that a user does not have access to
  • Display issues with Response Details items for Matrix Questions
  • Issues with AD integration when the Web server is on the Domain
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