Checkbox Version 5.6 End of Life Notice

Checkbox will be retiring support for Checkbox Survey version 5.6 as of December 31, 2014. We strongly recommend that you update your application to our latest version (6.6 at the time of this post) well in advance of this date in order to beat the rush for support at year-end.

After December 31st, if you encounter any issues with version 5.6 (or any earlier versions that have already been retired), we may not be able to assist you until you upgrade to a supported version.

How to Update Checkbox to a Supported Version:

Checkbox Server customers with a active support contracts can request free access to  Checkbox 6 by logging into the Checkbox customer support portal and clicking the "Request Version 6" link under the Products heading. For more information on the version of Checkbox you are entitled to, please click here. For those customers who wish to purchase or upgrade to Checkbox 6 Enterprise, we are currently offering special upgrade incentives. Please contact your account manager or email for details.

Version 6 Features: Below is a sampling of the new features and enhancements available in Checkbox 6. Click here for full details.

  • Mobile Survey Taking Upgrade – Mobile survey style templates were removed in Checkbox 6 and replaced with the jQuery Mobile framework, which allows Checkbox to detect mobile browsers and devices and not only automatically apply mobile styles, but also render and scale questions properly for mobile devices. This makes the survey-taking experience much easier and more pleasant for mobile users, thus potentially improving response rates and data quality.

  • Same Page Conditions – Survey creators can now set conditions based on questions on the same page, rather than having to move the conditional question to a subsequent page. This makes creating conditional forms easier, while also cutting down on the number of clicks a respondent has to make.

  • Rank Order Question Type – The new Rank Order question allows you to drag and drop images, text or numbers to rank them in order. You can also rank choices using drop-down or fill-in-the-blank methods. Special reports have also been added for Rank Order questions.

  • SSL Offloading Support - The application now supports a load balanced environment where the SSL Certificate is hosted on the load balancer itself.

  • Support for Memcached + Elasticache - Server Enterprise customers can now utilize external server caching for the application. This requires a memcached server or elasticache from Amazon Web Services.

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