Checkbox Survey 6.3 Sneak Peak

Checkbox Survey version 6.3 is due out shortly for Checkbox Online customers, with Checkbox Server customers receiving patch access 1-2 weeks after that. Exact patch schedules will be posted in the coming days - please watch our blog or customer forums for updates.

Checkbox 6.3 New Features:

Same-Page Conditions

We're very excited to release our most-requested feature by far - same page conditions. What are same page conditions, you ask? Since the beginning of Checkbox time, if you wanted to ask a question based on the answer to a previous question, the conditional question had to reside on a subsequent page. So, if you wanted to ask "What country do you live in?" and then ask "What state do you live in?", those questions could not exist on the same page. Well, no more! Conditional questions can now be placed on the same page as the question that the condition is based on. This will allow you to make shorter, more efficient surveys because your respondents won't have to click the Next button nearly as much. Click here to see same page conditions in action. Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 2.35.57 PM Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 2.34.41 PM Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 2.36.34 PM  

New HTML Editor

We've streamlined our HTML editor for both question editing and survey taking. The new Tiny MCE editor includes all of the options you need and none of the extraneous ones you don't. This streamlined editor will simplify the process of editing questions and answering multi-line text questions because there will be fewer icons to wade through and options to choose from. Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 8.50.16 PM

Disabled Browser Back Button

Checkbox has always recommended that respondents use the survey back button, rather than the browser back button, when navigating through surveys because the use of the browser back button can cause unexpected results and can potentially corrupt data. We've taken this recommendation one step further by disabling the browser back button in certain, supported browsers. Version 6.3 will include browser back button disabling for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Support for back button disabling in IE will likely be included in version 6.4.

No More Double Saving of Conditions

If you've ever been frustrated when adding conditions because you clicked the Add Condition button but then forgot to also hit Save and lost all your work, you'll be happy to hear about this seemingly minor (but possibly game-changing) feature. In 6.3, page and item conditions are saved when you click Add to add the condition to the list - there is no longer a need to also click the Save button. Note, that if you are creating an item, you still need to click Save to save your changes on the other tabs. But if you are editing Conditions on an already created item, you can avoid the double Add-Save click.


  • Single-click copying of Invitation text into the Reminder
  • Addition of line breaks to question text on report charts to better accommodate longer questions
  • Save and Print button on reports has been moved to a more convenient location
  • Application will now warn you if you attempt to save an invitation or reminder without auto-login enabled

Bug Fixes

  • Options on the summary table report item for rank order questions should no longer render as links
  • Matrix sum total should now export and import the operator sum value
  • Item options can now be saved and updated properly when they contain unicode values
  • Condition editor should now allow the addition "and" & "and/or" conditions, even if both already exist
  • Advanced editor for matrix conditions should now allow saving of conditions
  • Changing the slider item type in IE 9 is no longer prohibited
  • Selecting all items for Import/Export into/from libraries should now select all items
  • Style editor left-pane display issues resolved
  • Resolved several issues with HTML and item parsing which were causing errors with reporting and viewing individual responses
  • Resolved several auto-login invitation issues

Server-Specific Fixes:

  • SMTP settings username and password fields should now allow all acceptable values
  • Changing email settings should now save without any issues
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