Checkbox Version 6 Sneak Peek!

A new year means a fresh start. And for Checkbox Survey that means a new version release! Due for release in the next few weeks, Checkbox Survey version 6 introduces a completely redesigned user interface, streamlining online survey management for the modern-day data collector.

In preparation for Checkbox 6, our team reviewed user feedback dating back to our initial version 5 release in 2011 (our last significant UI update) and implemented changes that we felt would both modernize and enhance usability in version 6, while maintaining the full feature-set Checkbox users have come to expect.

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Below are a few of the exciting new features and performance enhancements you can expect in version 6:

  • Live Search and Filter 
    The Universal Search field is now a massive application-wide live search engine that displays phrase matches as you type. In addition to Universal Search, the same live search functionality is used for filtering list results for surveys, users, and other entities within Checkbox, allowing you to quickly and effortlessly locate desired information.
  • Recent Activity Timeline
    Version 6 introduces a real-time activity log on your account's survey dashboard. It is now easier than ever to track and view the history of a survey, user, style, or report.
  • Help Tool Tips
    Due to the feature-rich nature of the application, configuring survey settings and permissions can sometimes be overwhelming for new Checkbox users. To help guide users through these settings, we've added "help tool tips" to the Survey Settings area of the Survey Editor. A help tool tip activates when a user hovers over a settings option, providing a description of that option. This in-application resource promotes a seamless and user-friendly workflow.
  • Favorite Surveys
    Checkbox now allows you to "star" your favorite surveys, which tags them as favorites and makes them much easier to find and access.
  • Survey Editor Preview
    Upon entering the Survey Editor, users now see a full survey preview on the right-hand side of the window. This in-editor preview auto-refreshes when changes are made and allows users to assess the survey as a whole, before making changes or additions.
Stay tuned for more information on an exact release date and full release notes!
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