Checkbox Survey Version 5.6 Updates

A new update is scheduled for release this week for Checkbox Online customers with access to Checkbox 5. This release introduces two exciting new features and resolves a few minor bugs in the application. A full description of updates is available below.

Checkbox 5 Online Europe ( and Asia ( customers are expected to be patched today,11/12/12, between 5:00PM and 7:00PM (EST). Checkbox 5 Online North America (,, customers are expected to be patched tomorrow, 11/13/12, between 6:00AM and 9:00AM (EST). Please note that while the Checkbox Online 5.6 patch is in process, hosted accounts will be inaccessible.

Checkbox Server Customers should be able to access the 5.6 update from the Products area of our customer support site next week. You will be alerted of exact release date/time information when it becomes available. This update is eligible to all server customers with active support contracts. Customers with questions about the term of their support contracts or who would like to renew their support should email or call 866-430-8274 (Int’l 1-617-715-9605).

Always back up your database before upgrading or patching. After your account has been upgraded, please clear your browser cache. This will ensure that you load the most recent version of Checkbox to your browser.

New Features:

  • New “Share” UI

    In an effort to help our customers distribute surveys quickly and easily, we are introducing social media sharing options for Facebook and Twitter. Not only that, but Checkbox now supports IFrame, allowing you to embed your surveys onto web pages. Respondents no longer need to navigate away from a website to take your survey, enhancing usability and increasing response rate.

    Share options are located on the final step of the Launch Wizard in the Survey Editor.

  • New Reporting Module

    Checkbox version 5.6 includes an all new, faster and more intuitive charting tool! The new reporting module written in javascript, offers lightning speeds, interactive charts, and all-around better performance. Some of the differences you will notice include:

      • Running reports for surveys with a high response volume is significantly faster, allowing you to create and share more data quickly and easily.
      • Multi-source charts compare data more clearly than in previous Checkbox versions:
      • When creating multi-source charts, you can now select a Primary Source Item to display:
      • Charts are much more interactive than before, allowing you to toggle between questions and hide data with the click of your mouse.
      • Additional chart appearance options, including Margin and Legend, offer more customization opportunities when building reports:
      • Optional print and save buttons allow you to control who can save an share your reports:

Click Here to see the Twitter vs. Facebook report live >>

Issues Resolved:

  • Resolved several report filter issues
  • Deploying Checkbox email invitations without selecting the option to “Allow embedded survey link to automatically log users in” should still track registered users as responded if they log into the survey manually
  • Several browser-specific issues having to do with downloading files uploaded by respondents have been resolved
  • You should now be able to merge question answers into column question text on Matrix items that appear later in the survey

NOTE: Before patching or upgrading to version 5.6 you MUST create a backup of your database.

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