Checkbox Survey Version 5.5.4 Updates

A new update has been released recently for both Checkbox Server and Checkbox Online customers with access to Checkbox 5. Server customers can download the new update from the Products area of our customer support site. Checkbox Online customers with access to Checkbox 5 have already been updated to the most recent version.

The version 5.5.4 patch includes several small bug fixes, as well as some security updates. Full release notes are below.

Always back up your database before upgrading or patching. After your account has been upgraded, please clear your browser cache. This will ensure that you load the most recent version of Checkbox to your browser.

This update is eligible to all server customers with active support contracts. Customers with questions about the term of their support contracts or who would like to renew their support should email or call 866-430-8274 (Int’l 1-617-715-9605).

Issues Resolved:

  • Folder security options should now only display for a user with access to the folder
  • Fixed various response export issues, including unexpected timeouts when exporting Matrix item responses
  • Matrix items should now validate properly after upgrading
  • Viewing the list of current users logged into the application should no longer error after the first page
  • Enhanced performance of the Preview and Print screens. These screens should no longer timeout when viewing all survey pages
  • Styles with duplicate properties should no longer prevent the style from being saved after an upgrade
  • Question text should now appear when using filters for Matrix items
  • Report filters have been added to Matrix Rating Scale values
  • Survey language selection based on User Profile Properties should now function properly

REMINDER: Before patching or upgrading to version 5.5.4 you MUST create a backup of your database.

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