Checkbox Survey Version 5.5.1 Updates

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A new update is scheduled for release this week for Checkbox Online customers with access to Checkbox 5. This release introduces several new features and resolves a number of issues, a full list of which is available below.

Checkbox 5 Online European (, and Asian ( customers are expected to be patched on Tuesday, 8/14/2012, between 5:00PM and 7:00PM (EDT). Checkbox 5 Online US (,, customers are expected to be patched on Wednesday, 8/15/2012, between 6:00AM and 9:00AM (EDT). Please note that while the Checkbox Online 5.5.1 patch is in process, hosted accounts will be inaccessible.

Server Customers should be able to access the 5.5.1 update from the Products area of our customer support site next week. You will be alerted of exact release date/time information when it becomes available. Checkbox Online 4.7 customers will be upgraded to the latest version shortly after the release of Checkbox Server 5.5.1. These customers will be alerted via email when the upgrade is available.

Always back up your database before upgrading or patching. After your account has been upgraded, please clear your browser cache. This will ensure that you load the most recent version of Checkbox to your browser.

This update is eligible to all server customers with active support contracts. Customers with questions about the term of their support contracts or who would like to renew their support should email or call 866-430-8274 (Int’l 1-617-715-9605).

New Features:

  • Invitation Scheduler

    In response to popular demand, Checkbox now offers email invitation and reminder scheduling capabilities! Create invitations as usual in the Invitations Manager and then opt to send your invitation right away, or schedule deployment for a future date and time. In addition, you can now send yourself a test email before the invitation is sent/scheduled! Please Note: Due to changes made necessary by the addition of the invitation scheduler, we have removed the ability to invite additional respondents to an invitation once it has been sent. If you need to add more recipients after the invitation has been sent, you will need to create a new invitation.

  • Copy Invitation

    Users now have the ability to duplicate an existing invitation – recipients and all! This time-saving feature also allows senders to add recipients to the copied invitation’s recipient list prior to sending.

  • Available Surveys/Available Report Links

    For user convenience, we have added direct access to user-specific Available Surveys and Available Reports under the user menu drop-down.

  • Invitee Field Added to Response Manager

    This was a feature in Checkbox 4.7 that we’ve decided to revive for version 5.5.1. The Invitee field displays the email address of invitation recipients and can be used to identify respondents when sending an invitation to an email list, where no profile properties are available.


  • Re-Designed Survey Workflow

    Our developers have completely re-engineered Checkbox’s survey workflow to enhance the respondent’s experience. All aspects of taking a survey have been improved to be faster and more reliable.
  • Faster Reporting

    We re-engineered our underlying reporting system to enhance overall speed of report generation.

  • Active Survey Indicator

    Active surveys are now distinguished from inactive surveys in the Survey Manager thanks to a new activation indicator icon (check mark) that is displayed next to the active survey’s name. This addition allows users to easily identify desired surveys in the Survey Manage without needing to expand each survey’s dashboard.

Issues Resolved:

  • Resuming a Survey using the Save and Exit functionality should no longer result in a corrupted survey response
  • Conditions should now transfer correctly when upgrading an account from 4.7 to 5.x
  • Users should now be able to send and schedule large-batch invitations without running into time-out issues
  • User Administrators should now be able to delete users they created
  • Report Administrators should no longer receive an error message when selecting a survey they have access to from the Survey Manager
  • Active Directory users should now appear on Access Control Lists
  • Resolved text entry inconsistencies with HTML Open-Ended Multi-Line Text items when using Firefox
  • Slider items now have a question label alias field
  • The “Aggregate and Display” report functionality should now work properly on Summary Table items
  • The setting “Make the next/finish button as the default button should now work correctly
  • Matrix grid lines now display correctly when N/A option is enabled
  • Response Summary items should now display correctly
  • Import status bar should now be visible when importing a survey
  • Error message that appears when attempting to create a profile property label with a space now explains that a space is not a valid character and cannot be used
  • “Do not include” option in Report Wizard should now exclude Open-Ended Multi-Line and Single Line Text items if enabled for those item types
  • “Save and Exit” functionality should now resume to pages containing required items without displaying a validation error
  • Matrix items with a Rating Scale item should now correctly detect the scale width so as to not cut off text
  • Adding ten or more items to a page will no longer cause item numbers to overlap item text in the survey editor navigation panel
  • HTML display items and completion events items should now align correctly when “center” or “right” alignment options are selected
  • The Review page in the Import Users wizard should now display imported user attributes in the correct columns when importing more than three columns of data
  • Adding invalid HTML to an item should no longer cause the item to fail to load in the item editor
  • Right-hand View Responses/View Reports panel should no longer jump to sit below the left-hand View Responses/View Reports navigation panel when browser resolution is set to 1024 width
  • Right-hand panel of the Universal Search page should no longer jump to the sit below the left-hand panel when browser resolution is set to 1024 width
  • Copying a report with one or more apostrophes in the report name should no longer add characters in place of the apostrophe
  • Resume Survey page has been reformatted
  • Response histogram in survey dashboard should no longer include deleted responses
  • Should now be able to return to the first step of the Invitations Wizard from a later step to change the Message Source
  • “Other” Matrix row fields should now align left by default
  • Completion Events page now displays with the page label “Completion Events Page” on Response Summary items
  • Welcome message text should now save correctly
  • The “CurrentDateUS” Response Property source option in Conditions/Branching editors has been changed to “Current Date (MM/DD/YYYY)”
  • The “CurrentDateROTW” Response Property source option in Conditions/Branching editors has been changed to “Current Date (DD/MM/YYYY)”
  • User context should no longer be lost upon restart of a survey using the Hyperlink/Redirect item
  • Email lists created by network users should now copy correctly when upgrading from v.4.7 to v.5.x
  • Invitation Status descriptions should now be more intuitive
  • Scroll bar has been added to the “Review Recipients” window in the Invitations Wizard
  • Checkbox Exception Log should now load exception text containing HTML
  • Copying a survey with a long name will now longer cause the buttons in the Copy Survey dialog window to overlap the window frame
  • Navigation buttons in the Create Survey window should no longer overlap the window border when “A survey with the specified name already exists. Please chose a new name” text is displayed
  • Button style should now save in Style Manager and display correctly in surveys

Web Services Updates:

Due to the re-engineering of the Checkbox survey workflow, reporting system, and the new invitation scheduling feature, many of the existing Web Service calls have either been altered, or deprecated. Please refer to the the following new set of Web Service documentation:

Shortly after the release of Checkbox Server 5.5.1, we will be releasing a new set of Web Service samples.

NOTE: Before patching or upgrading to version 5.5.1 you MUST create a backup of your database.

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