Checkbox Survey Version 5.4.5 Updates

A new security patch is being released today for Checkbox Online and Server customers with access to Checkbox 5. This patch resolves several issues, a complete list of which is available below.

Checkbox 5 Online customers have been updated automatically. Server customers should be able to access the 5.4.5 patch from the Products area of our customer support site later in the day on 4/03/2012. Please back up your database before upgrading or patching. After upgrading or patching your installation, please clear your cache. This security patch is eligible to all server customers with active support contracts. Customers with questions about the term of their support contracts or who would like to renew their support should email or call 866-430-8274 (Int’l 1-617-715-9605).

Issues Resolved:

  • The Encrypt Password feature should now work properly.
  • “Invalid” and “Incomplete” messages should only appear to respondents if a required item is not answered or if an answer format is invalid. These messages should no longer appear after the answer has been corrected by the respondent.
  • When changing item text font using the font selection drop-down in the item editor, the font list should no longer remain open after completing your selection.
  • Resolved various CSS issues.
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