New Checkbox 5 Quick Start Guide (Video) + Updated Documentation

As Checkbox Survey continues to improve and evolve, our support team has been busily updating the free user resources available on This week we posted updated versions of the following Checkbox User Guides:

Checkbox 5 Permissions Guide – Updated screen shots reflect the Checkbox 5.4.1 User Interface. This document walks users through the process of configuring basic security settings and advanced ACL permissions.


  • Checkbox Permissions
  • User Roles
  • Basic Survey Security
  • Advanced Permissions
    • Access List
    • Add Users/Groups to Access List
    • Default Properties
  • Permissions Diagram
  • Common Permissions Scenarios
    • Add Users/Groups to a Survey ACL
    • Add Users/Groups to a User Group ACL
    • Add Users/User Groups to a Report ACL
    • Configure Permissions of a Folder to Allow non-ACL Access
  • Response Options & Limits
  • Resume & Edit Options
  • Set Response Time frame
  • Permissions Review

Checkbox 5 Survey Creation Guide – Updated screen shots reflect the Checkbox 5.4.1 User Interface and redesigned Survey Dashboard. This How-To Guide walks new users though the process of creating a simple survey, adding a Question Item to a page, and returning to the Survey Dashboard.


  • Create New Survey
    • Initial Survey Configuration
    • Survey Editor
  • Add Survey Item
    • Survey Item Wizard
    • Item Editor
  • Survey Dashboard

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In addition to the new documentation, Yesterday we posted an updated version of the Checkbox Quick Start Video to the Checkbox Support page. Designed for new users, this five-part tutorial walks you through the process of:

  1. Survey Creation: Configuring a new survey and adding a Radio Button Question Item to it.
  2. Conditions: Creating a second page with an Open-Ended Multi-Line Text Item, and then applying a condition to the new item.
  3. Style: Creating a new survey style with a logo header and applying it to the survey.
  4. Invitations: Launching the survey and sending an email invitation to potential respondents.
  5. Reports: Generating a basic report using the Report Wizard.


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