Checkbox Survey Version 5.3 Upgrade Now Available for Server Customers

We are excited to announce that Checkbox Server customers who are on version 4.7 now have access to upgrade to our latest release, Checkbox 5.3. The upgrade is available in the Products area of our customer support site for all customers with active support contracts. Customers who have questions about the term of their support contracts or who would like to renew their support should email or call 866-430-8274 (Int’l 1-617-715-9605).

All customers who plan on upgrading to Checkbox 5.3 should first review our New Features Guide, our updated server requirements and the version 5.3 upgrade instructions, which are bundled with the upgrade files on the customer support site. We also highly recommend testing the upgrade on a test server before upgrading any production environment(s).

Checkbox Online (hosted) customers who are currently on version 4.7 will have access to the version 5.3 upgrade shortly. More details on the Checkbox Online upgrade will be forthcoming by email and news updates.

An overview of Checkbox 5 features and a comparison of the major changes fro Checkbox 4.7 can be found here. The latest release notes for Checkbox version are below.

Version Release Notes

  • Improved permission editor performance for installations with large numbers of users.
  • Improved User Manager performance for large numbers of users.
  • Resolved issues with editing Survey Access Control List.
  • Invitation names now appear in the survey dashboard.
  • Now able to add several items to Library at the same time.
  • Conditions are now properly updated when source question is moved.
  • Case of user changing own user name is more gracefully handled.
  • Updated web.config to allow public access to reports when configured.
  • Page branches no longer run for pages that are conditionally hidden.
  • Remove extra line break in question text.
  • Capture of IP Addresses of respondents now controlled by LogIpAddresses setting.
  • Fixed issue where “Less Than” or “Less Than or Equal To” condition never evaluated to true.
  • Added ability to clear search parameters when adding users to a user group.
  • Added default size for new multi line text questions.
  • Imported survey is now selected by default when returning to dashboard.
  • Survey wrapper frame minimum width can now be controlled through style template.
  • Added validation to “From Address” field of invitations.
  • Fixed many formatting issues with invitation recipient lists.
  • Fixed issue where changes to invitation subject or message were lost.
  • Fixed issue where change of invitation format from Html to Text was not saved.
  • Added scrollbars to many screens where content would be lost below footer.
  • Resolved issues with creating new matrix items and deleting rows from existing ones.
  • Fixed many issues with enabling, configuring, and deploying multi language surveys.
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