Checkbox Survey Solutions Announces Release of Checkbox Survey Version 4.6

The leader in ‘online survey and feedback solutions’ showcases its latest feature additions and performance enhancements.

Watertown, MA – April 22nd, 2009 - Checkbox Survey Solutions, the leader in professional online survey and feedback solutions, today announced its latest release of Checkbox Survey Software.  Further enhancing its core feature set and reporting and data export functions, Checkbox Survey 4.6 offers the most professional, user-friendly, and customizable online survey solution on the market.

Checkbox 4.6 has added new folder hierarchies to the Invitation and Report Managers, which improves performance and simplifies the search for reports and invitations.  Version 4.6 also allows survey editors to deactivate survey items to prevent them from being shown to respondents.  Existing answers to deactivated items will still appear in reports and data exports, and those items may be re-activated at any time.  The latest release of Checkbox has also added several new export options to provide greater flexibility for analyzing survey results, including export to native SPSS (.sav) format.  Additional features include new test response management, an invitation summary page, a new user import wizard, and role-based welcome messages.  In addition to many new features, Checkbox v4.6 has further enhanced its performance and functionality by advancing survey caching, data exporting, and report editing.

“We have received a lot of valid input and feedback from our customers regarding potential feature additions and enhancements to Checkbox, and I believe this latest release reflects our commitment to listening to that feedback,” says Checkbox Survey Solutions’ President John Craven.  “Each feature that we have added and each function that we have improved has been given careful consideration in order to offer our customers the most intuitive, user friendly, and flexible online survey tool on the market.”

Checkbox Survey Server v4.6 is now available for purchase or as a free downloadable upgrade for existing Checkbox customers with valid support contracts.  Checkbox Survey Online hosting will be upgraded in early May.

Please visit the Checkbox Customer Area for download information.

Please also make sure to sign up for one of our upcoming live Checkbox 4.6 Overview webinars.

About Checkbox Survey Solutions

Checkbox Survey Solutions, Inc., a leader in the development of professional online survey and feedback software, provides scalable survey solutions for web, mobile, and desktop environments.  Checkbox Survey Solutions has a longstanding track record of helping businesses and organizations, large and small, implement high quality survey and data collection solutions.  A continual emphasis on quality,  performance, and usability has allowed Checkbox Survey Solutions to develop relationships with top global companies in more than 30 countries, including 40% of the Fortune 1000.


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