Checkbox Server 2016 Q4 Security Update Release #4

In order to increase the security of the application, Checkbox will be releasing security updates throughout the lifespan of 2016 Q4. You can find changes that are issued in these minor updates below.

Security Update 3

Released 3/7/2017

  • Forced HTTPs for all Checkbox Online accounts
  • Resolved condition issues related to current score of the survey
  • Resolved issue where total score would not be exported with "Detailed Scoring Info" selected
  • Resolved issues with Other options for Radio, Checkbox, and Drop down items
  • Resolved issues where "Invitee" would not be piped into a survey
  • Resolved potential security vulnerability in the ResponseDataService.ExportResponseTabular() method

Security Update 4

Released 3/7/2017

  • Resolved an issue which prevented UserManagementService.GetUsers() from not sorting by Email
  • Resolved an issue where conditions based on current score would prevent required items from being required
  • Resolved an issue with setting the width of Single Line text items with answer types (numeric, date, etc.)
  • Resolved an issue with empty responses not appearing in response exports
  • Resolved a compatibility issue with .NET 4.6, Firefox, and exporting files from Checkbox

You can find more information about these updates, other security updates for 2016 Q4, as well as information on how to apply the updates here


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